A Masque of Infamy


When Sage asked me if I’d be interested in reading this for one of her blog tours, I said yes without a second thought. And then I realized: Oh, I’m getting married in a week, trying to raise money for my book, and I’m doing one million things for school. I’m never going to find time to read this sucker.

As it turns out, all I really needed to do was start reading and the writing would carry me the rest of the way. This is a work of autobiographical fiction (in the tradition of Dorothy Allison and Clive James) that deals with physical and sexual abuse, mental health, institutionalization, and punk rock.

It’s not a perfect novel, but it’s very good. The writing is solid, and if it left me with questions, it was also engaging enough that I read it despite the lack of time, in about two days. I related a lot to both the main character and his brother, sympathized with the brief relationships he had with his peers and how deeply invested he seemed in them, even while coping and calling out the complete bullshit of the adults in his life. I think that’s something that a lot of people will relate to. This is a pretty impressive first novel. I can’t wait to see what Kelly Dessaint will do next.



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